Flights off 300 just before H2


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Priti’s first flight from 300ft at Ed Levin

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Priti flew from 150ft at Ed Levin

Priti had her first high flight off 150ft hill at Ed Levin park. She did 4 flights from this hill this morning. Looking forward to seeing her progress towards Hang 2 under the amazing guidance of Eric Heinrichs.

Video coming soon.

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First flight of 2017 at Ed Levin

Video captured by Takeo Eda.

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Tollhouse – first flight


I think I have found the most ideal site to fly here in California. 180 miles from bay area (4 hr drive), big grassy LZ at 4:1 glide, not too bad road up to launch (thanks to Larry Fleming and Ron Jones for their monumental efforts), and a nice granite cliff launch.

Found abundant thermals and enjoyed every bit of my 1:10hr flight. Will be back soon.

More photos:

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Thermal flight at Ed Levin

As far as I can recall, I have not had the luck to thermal at Ed Levin before this day. Nice 10min flight, could get a bit more but need to grow my coring skills.

Thanks to Abhishek for dragging me out of the house.

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Towing after almost 3 years



Some specific moments in hang gliding reminds me why I love this sport above all my hobbies. This morning the usual laziness almost made me skip the 60mi drive to get some tow flights. Somehow I got myself there and the first tow flight after 3 years was a bit scary as I was rusty with the skills and did a bunch of PIO (pilot induced oscillations). Second flight was better but the 3rd one in the evening took my breath away. Not only I felt back in form, the view was nothing short of heaven and the wind was smooth as silk.

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