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Soaring PG flight from 600ft

Getting more addicted to light soaring off the 600ft hill at Ed Levin. Priti and I hiked to 600ft today from 300ft due to road closure. I have done hike-n-fly from 300ft once before, and this was the first time hiking to 600ft. I got rewarded with longest-so-far flight of 4 minutes. Learnt to use ridge lift but need to get closer to use better lift.


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First hike-n-fly with a paraglider

This thanksgiving weekend was unlike any other before. I got to fly 3 consecutive days. Got back my flying momentum. Did my first hike and fly to find out how difficult it is. Did it with the glider and harness in the easy bag and not packed tightly. Even then it was not too bad to hike to 300ft. Looking forward to hiking to 600ft and soaring from there. It is the very reason I took up this sport.

More photos/videos from that weekend:

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Ed Levin 600 hike and fly – Priti and Lili


Priti could not wait to fly the 600ft hill again, so we hiked up this morning for her second flight off 600. Lili also joined us with her Falcon. The hike with glider seemed easier this time, so I guess I am getting a bit more fit.

Weather and wind was just perfect. Lili overshot the spot. Priti undershot and did an early flare, then nose-dropped the glider. Bruised her left elbow bone which will hopefully heal soon (pain not enough to be a fracture).

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Priti flew from Ed Levin 600 first time

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P2 spots are tricky

Scored only 1 spot landing out of 4 flights today. Forgot to turn on camera for all flights except this one.

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Almost P2

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Various flights of Priti (150-300) at Ed Levin

Thanks to her amazing instructor Eric Heinrichs.

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