Test flight – Falcon4 195


Been itching to fly lately. More so after being asked by a friend to help his son with a model glider project. Saw on facebook that Zac Majors has a Wills Wing demo glider – a Falcon4 195 and I could not resist to test fly it. Thought about letting my Falcon1 go to some student with a tight budget.

Took the day off today to fly. Last flew at Fort Funston in June 2015, so a 8 month gap made me a bit concerned about launch and landings. First flight off 50ft training hill went well, launch could be better but landing was alright. Then flew the F4 and loved it. It was a very light day so launch took a bit of time as I wanted to stay conservative.

Next up, Zac took me to 600ft on his super awesome glider rig. That rig is exactly what every HG instructor needs to have. I could get a month’s worth of flights off 600ft in a single day. Two flights from 600ft was done in almost no time. Loved the F4 more and more.

Finally, went to 1750ft alongwith a few others. Great flight.

Photos in G+: https://goo.gl/photos/zDRRBYpLAf92SVdFA

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