Rotor lesson at Fort Funston

I have learnt to land coming in from north and doing a 270 degree CCW turn. This time I wanted to try from the south, hence 90deg CW followed by 180deg CCW. The CCW turn was a little mellow, resulting in me veering a bit right where the rotors are. The landing could still be ok, but at the point the ground was a little wavy and seemed like I mushed while still a few feet up. Also I think I forgot to look ahead. As a result, while left hand on BT and right hand lightly on DT, I whacked. Good thing I let the DT go and swiveled out. Walked away but the nose wire came in and etched a mark on the forehead.

I got a new Charly helmet with a visor (didn’t have visor in the previous one), as an extra protection for the eyes.

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