First good flight of 2014 at Ed Levin

Flying took a back seat this year as I was busy at the new startup. After more than 6 months of no time to fly, I got desperate to be in the air. Three weeks back I got my practice in from the 50ft hill at Ed Levin. Today was the first day of year that I got to fly from 300 ft followed by 1750 ft.

The day was made 2x better by the company. Priti, Mehul and Chaya tagged along, and so also our climbing friend Brian. We took our 4wd honda pilot to the top without issues.

The flight was great, no clouds but got to catch some blue thermals and did S-turns as much as possible to make it a 10 min flight from the top. Forgot the vario which was good, as I was forced to rely on the senses. Used the hills for height perception after the S-turns. I should be doing this more often.

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