Spectrum test flight at Ed Levin

Been trying to take the spectrum out for a spin, but work got in the way for too long. Took both the falcon and spectrum to Ed Levin last Sat, but I got soaked in the rain instead. Today was a sunny and warm morning, so again took both to EL. Setting up the spectrum took a bit as the steps are different from falcon. Made 3 flights from the 50ft hill in very cross and light wind. First two launches were not very good as I probably held the nose a bit down and did not look at the horizon. Third one was better. It does take a bit more time to lift me up than the falcon. It flew pretty well and fast, and landing was not hard at all. One run-out landing and two almost flares.

Janica flew her falcon 5 times from 150ft hill. Must praise her zeal, she walked up to the launch and still had energy left afterwards.

Dave Jacob then took us (Janica, me, Priti, Pedro, Jesse) to the 300. I took the falcon as I needed to rust off my skills. Launched first in a nice 7-8mph wind, had a minute long sledder and nailed the spot. Was pretty happy. Pedro and Janica followed soon. Jesse took a while to set up his new Sport 2 155 which he flew pretty well.

I think I like the spectrum and am ready to take it to the 1750ft launch next time I visit EL. I didn’t like the folding basetube, so went to the mission soaring shop for an alternative. Got approval to use my falcon basetube with pneumatic wheels on the spectrum as the length matched.

Great Saturday to be out flying. Too bad I need to work tomorrow else I could go fly.

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