Another epic flying day at Hollister

Recently I heard about from Harold. Wanted to find out how good it is. And boy, did it deliver. It showed green for Hollister for last Sunday and I scored my best flying day so far.

Could not be happier with a total of 1 hour 32 minutes of airtime over a bunch of tow flights. The last one was my second best – soared to 2300′ AGL for a 15 min flight. Tom and Ziyad had great flights as well. I am still envious of their 25-30 min flights when I somehow missed out on a good thermal. But then out of desperation, suddenly I figured out how the bar push-out works. I have so far hesitated to push the bar out with force, even in a thermal, thinking about wasting altitude with a stall. Then I just tried it out and it worked. I was nearly shocked to see the vario singing continuously with a positive fpm number. I laughed maniacally going up from 1300′ AGL to 2300′ AGL. That feeling is just beyond the world.

The day could not be better and more scenic. Cumulus clouds all day. Time on the ground got spent analyzing them and predicting location of thermals. The popcorn clouds have so far been a photographic subject to me, but I guess from now on I will see them in a different light altogether.

With 8 hours and 40 minutes of airtime down under, my H3 is not too far away. Can’t wait to start flying Fort Funston!

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