First flights at Ed Levin park

Have been dreaming to fly Ed Levin park since we started learning to hang glide in 2010. We both trained in Hollister due to its consistent winds, and Ed Levin being a H2 site had to wait. My chance came along today. Priti is still an H1, so she has to wait a little bit more.

Harold as always was a great instructor on the field. He took 4 of us to the 300′, 600′ and then to the 1750′ launches. I could not really believe I could launch from the top the very first day of flying this site. The flights from 300′ and 600′ were for orienting us to the LZ, and the top launch was the real deal. I could feel thermals but had to waste them, since Harold wanted the first flight to be a sledder. That 7 minute flight alone was worth all the pain of learning this amazing sport. There is nothing like looking at the horizon and taking off with a few hops on the mountain slope. And then the flight like a bird. The flare landing within the circle in the LZ. It feels like a dream.

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