Rush hour dream

All of last year I dismissed the idea of commuting 50 miles one-way to my office in San Francisco on my motorcycle. I assumed the traffic would be hell and I would be stressed every day from that. This year, I got tired of the multi-modal commute (car+train+bicycle) and decided to give my motorcycle a try.

It kind of worked. Not sure how. Maybe the thoughts of past flights and daydreams of the more exciting ones in the future. As the scenary rushed by at 70 mph today, a crisp clear spring day, I looked up and smiled. Puffy cumulus clouds forming all over the city. I could visualize how the thermals are working and how I could ride them up. Except not today, but the visions build up subconscious knowledge anyway. The hour long ride feels relaxing. I start to enjoy and be at peace with the reality that I have.

A few days back, in the hang gliding forum, a 16 yo boy asked for advice on conquering the usual obstacles of life to gain access to this freedom. He got a wonderful note which strikes so well with me, I must share it here:

Life is useless without a dream.

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