Epic soaring day at Hollister

I had my longest (so far) flight today. Released from towline at 1500′ AGL, then cored some thermals up to 2300′ AGL. Given that the LZ is at 700′ MSL, I was up at 3000′ on this flight. A falcon flew by, and just hanged out with me for a while. I only dreamed about this stuff when I took up hang gliding, and I still can’t believe it is already a reality.

The scenary is mind blowing from high above. I giggled like a baby everytime I felt the buoyant lift taking me higher as I made coordinated 360 degree turns. The increasing altitude on the brand new Flytec 6015 vario was sweet to watch. I could smell the fields way below, and could see a gaggle of birds enjoying the same thermal. I could see Priti sitting on the hill and her glider looked like a cute little toy. Chasing lift is a fun game that I don’t think I can ever get tired of. I soon lost the lift and had to come back down, with a 17 minute airtime.

Now to think that not too long ago a 10 second flight from the hill was exhilerating. The scale of growth and the reward in this sport is truly extraordinary. I am forever grateful to having Dave Yount, Pat Denevan and Harold Johnson as my instructors and mentors at Mission Soaring. I am also thankful to my ever energetic wife and her taking part in this sport, otherwise this kind of commitment might not have been a reality in the first place. And I can’t wait for her to soar with me.

Trying my hand at Final Cut Pro X to edit the videos. Should be up soon.

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