Flying higher and better

Last Sunday turned out to be a super productive flying day for both of us. I flew as high as 400ft and did 3 consecutive personal best tow flights. I could feel the building up of addiction the higher and longer I was up in the air. The rush was indescribable. I grinned ear to ear and even laughed hysterically. The 360 degree view, the murmur of crisp morning air, and the slow moving ground – it was such sensation I would not give up for anything in the world.

Pat graduated me to the 90 degree turns. I can’t wait to do the 180 degrees so I can do more flights and less walking. I can’t imagine how it will feel to get my H2 and fly the 1750 ft peak at Ed Levin park, a stone’s throw from my home.

Priti did her first tow flights. She was uneasy at first, but did very well on her last flight of the day.

The morning was a different story altogether. The cold temps and the catabatic wind at 9am was very disappointing. Priti set her glider up, but I refused to touch mine until the wind turned the other way. Little did we know what a great flying day was ahead. At around 11 the wind suddenly became anabatic, just as Pat predicted. I hurried set mine up and headed up the hill for some warm up practice. Rusty as I was from 3 non-flying weeks, the landings were very well.

The fun didn’t stop when the gliders were packed up at the end of the day. We joined with Pat, Dave and a few others to dine at the Tres Pinos Inn. What a blast it was. Got to know that Jeff made his own homemade aircraft. Now that is some cool thing to check out soon.

In short, a great weekend. And the takeaway lesson is to never ever assume anything related to weather when it comes to flying. This long drive is always worth, at least to hang out with some of the coolest folks.

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