Priti is a pilot, too

We both had been waiting for the day we could call ourselves a hang glider pilot couple. The moment arrived last Sunday after Priti’s training lessons. I didn’t fly that day due to still recovering from fever, but it turned out a good decision. I could assist her pushing the glider back up the hill, so she could take a bunch more flights than usual. Got to remember the way her face lit up when Dave told her to fill up the Hang-1 license paperwork. The satisfaction of earning this rating goes beyond many other achievements. More than a dozen lessons of 4+ hours, the 120 mile roundtrip each time, and the setup/breakdown of gliders. All seem to be worth now. Time to fly her brand new glider and start the tow trainings for Hang-2.

FWIW, it should be pointed out that none of this could ever happen, if we followed the society-mandated life script, aka settled down with offsprings and a white picket fence, so to say. I am not saying personal ambitions are impossible to realize in that case, only 1000 times harder. Hard enough to just fuggetaboutit and live a monotonous “normal” life.

Days like these are memorable, they are celebrations of the small victories we achieve against the powerful force of society to make everyone conform. There is no better joy than to live life in your own terms, relentlessly chase your dreams, and ignore all the noise there is.

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